America seems to be a culture divided. Polarized. On Edge. But is it really?

Want to be part of the solution? Want to take a trip out of the proverbial bubble?
Dare we talk honestly to others who may disagree with us? Let’s bring together great minds across the left-right spectrum and find common ground. Or not.

Like recycling, this can only happen if the majority of people commit. Help us start the trend. Engaging honestly with others in open dialogue about the topics which divide us can help bridge the divide and create a path to a healthier country., and Mythinformed are creating a series of public events intended to create dialogue and promote viewpoint diversity. Social media is an incredibly powerful tool, but sometimes this medium lacks a personal touch. IRL discussion is much more visceral, more tangible and more likely to get us to see the humanity in us all.

Pack a suitcase … one pair of pants should do. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to engage with others to create a more healthy dialogue … and Engage in Something Real.

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